Multiple sclerosis diagnosis

Using imaging tests such as MRI, allows a more detailed presentation of the brain and spinal cord, showing any irregularities, if present. MRI is most often used when multiple sclerosis is suspected because it gives a view of any deeper inflammation of diagnosing ms and their symptoms.
Evoked potentials test is an electrical nerve test, which helps a doctor see if the parts of the brain responsible for sight, touch and hearing are affected. Even though blood test can’t show signs of multiple sclerosis, it can help eliminate conditions that look like multiple sclerosis, which is why it is sometimes recommended.

Ms diagnosis

Treatment after Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

Depends on diagnosis and type of disease depends treatment for ms that can be arranged individually for each patient.
Stem cell treatment provides best results in reducing diagnosed patient symptoms. This procedure is available in Swiss Medica Ms clinic that aside of treatment provides specialized consultants, psychologists and nurse.
Patients after diagnosis of multiple sclerosis  can get all information about treatment and procedures after treatment in Swiss Medica clinic.
after ms diagnose