MS New Treatment

Ms treatment Europe provides patients suffering from this disease, effective and totally safe therapy. This new treatment have lot of benefits and can provide lot of improvements in patient’s life.
Stem cells are taken from patient own body, therefore there is no possibility of side effects or rejection. In treating Multiple Sclerosis, stem cells can be extract from bone marrow or adipose tissue.
Ms Treatment Europe is branch of Swiss Medica clinic, who was adopted new stem cell treatment technology , and upgraded with most advanced bone marrow SC extraction and processing equipment.

Stem cell treatment for ms

Stem cell treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Stem cell treatment for MS procedure are typically done in four single steps:
1. Harvesting – Fat extraction through simple liposuction process
2. Separation – Stem cells are separated from fat in a centrifuge
3. Activation – Stem cells with patient’s PRP are photoactivated
4. Treatment – Activated stem cells are returned via standard IV drip

Stem cells transplant procedure also includes oxygenation and laser blood simulation. Numerous studies showed a large influence of laser light on white blood cells – growth factors of antibodies, on the other side oxygenation achieves blood vessels dilation, has anti-inflammatory effect and boosts the immune system